Catalytic Converter Shield

Catalytic Converter

A thief can take the catalytic converter from your car in minutes, while you are parked at a shopping centre, in your driveway or on a public street. Valuable, precious metals including rhodium, platinum and palladium are contained in the catalytic converter, which is basically a box attached to the underside of your car.

What Is a Catalytic Converter?

Your catalytic converter is a critical component of your vehicle’s exhaust system. All “street legal” cars & trucks are required to have a catalytic converter as has been required since 1974. One can easily locate it as it is just under the vehicle bolted to your exhaust pipe. The job of the catalytic converter is to filter harmful compounds from your vehicle’s exhaust gases before they are released into the air. The are very important for reducing air pollution. Without a catalytic converter on your vehicle, you would be releasing larger amounts of carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, and hydrocarbons into the air. And, while you can technically drive your vehicle without this addition to your exhaust system, it could hurt vehicle performance (it’s also illegal to remove such in many states)!

So who is at risk of the thefts?

Most owners of modern vehicles. Hybrid vehicles have two power sources, so the catalytic converter is used less in a hybrid vehicle and the precious metals in the converter are less likely to corrode, meaning owners of hybrid vehicles are particularly at risk.

So what happens to my catalytic converter once the thieves get it?

It can go anywhere there is a market for precious metals. Recent discoveries have indicated that precious metals in the converters are even reduced to powder, to ease the shipment and sales process. China, which has a big problem with air pollution, is a big consumer of metals such as rhodium, 80 per cent of which is bought by the motor industry globally. So essentially the thieves are recycling.

How can I protect myself and my car?

At LS Autobody shop, we have created the Catalytic Shield. We provide the best way to provide protection for your vehicle, making it very hard for thieves to steel it.

catalytic shield 1
catalytic shield 2
With a 14 gauge steel plate and a set of unconventional size screw heads, the plate covers the most important parts of your vehicle, plus it also helps to keep your under carriage safe from unwanted debris and other materials. For more information please contact us.

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